"I wanted food as nourishing as the farmers' market, as delicious as a Michelin-starred restaurant, yet as convenient as something I could toss into my bag."


A Message from Our Founder

Before starting Evervine, I had spent years studying and teaching others about the ideal way to eat: fresh, organic, plants was the mantra of my Ph.D. and teaching at Stanford.

But in my own life, it wasn't so easy to follow the advice I gave others. I always put my work first and rarely found time to shop at the farmers' market or cook a fresh plant-based meal. After years of working long hours, never getting enough sleep, and surviving off of energy bars to sustain me through the day, I started developing chronic stomach pain and fatigue. My body was finally saying, "enough," and I knew I needed to make some serious changes.

I started looking to food to heal my body, and I became obsessed with 100% clean eating. I wanted only the best ingredients, and none of the preservatives or additives that made my body feel unwell. Fresh, whole vegetables. No more "energy" bars. No more fruit juice. No non-organic produce. No shelf-stable almond milk. No carrageenan in my almond milk, for that matter. No canola oil (did you know it's usually chemically extracted, bleached, and deodorized?)

Yet, I was busy, and I needed food options that were as convenient as ever. I searched for a meal delivery service that felt good enough: clean enough, nourishing enough, delicious enough, yet as convenient as something I could toss into my bag. But I couldn't find anything of the sort.

I became frustrated. I became inspired. I quit my job. I founded Evervine.

Whether you use Evervine, cook your own meals, or use other meal delivery services, I hope you're inspired by our vision for creating food that's as clean, as nourishing, and as delicious as it is convenient.

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Sarah Mummah, Ph.D., Founder & CEO of Evervine


Fewer, better ingredients

We believe that food should heal us, not harm us. That our meals should be made from fresh, whole, unadulterated plants, and nothing more.


Evervine's Core Nutrition Pillars

Evervine was founded on the understanding that when we eat the right foods, including plenty of whole, fresh, unprocessed plants, our bodies feel satisfied from the right amount of food. And when those ingredients are free from additives and preservatives, the food we eat can have a profoundly healing effect on our bodies.


Plant protein

When it comes to protein, consuming plants is far superior for our bodies than consuming animals. A plant-based diet is rich in all the protein our bodies need, while consuming animal protein is linked to higher risks of chronic diseases.


Whole, unprocessed

Have you ever noticed that you can easily drink 5 oranges worth of orange juice, and not feel full, but you'd never dream of eating 5 oranges in a single sitting? That's because chewing our foods, especially plants full of fiber and water, helps our bodies feel naturally full and satisfied from the right amount of food.



Consuming a diverse array of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and herbs nourishes our bodies with the full range of powerful superfoods and healing micronutrients.


Good fats

Healthy fats from nuts, seeds, olive oil, and grapeseed oil help nourish our bodies fattiest organ (our brains), keep our skin looking radiant, and help slow digestion so we fuller and more satiated for longer.


Nutrient dense

Nutrient dense ingredients like micro greens flood our systems with nourishing micronutrients to promote cell repair and healing.


Low glycemic index

Avoiding refined sugar and consuming low glycemic-index foods allows our bodies to avoid unhealthy blood sugar spikes and maintain consistent energy levels throughout the day.


Advisory Team


Dr. Christopher Gardner, PhD

Dr. Gardner is a Professor and Director of Nutrition Studies at the Stanford School of Medicine and the founder of the Stanford Food Summit.



Garrett Benedict

Garrett is former Chef de Cuisine at Michelin-starred restaurant Al's Place, known for its plant-forward menu, and has cooked for the Obamas with the first family's personal chef at the White House.


Dennis Boyle

Dennis is a Partner and founding member of IDEO, an award-winning global innovation firm, where he helps lead the Health and Wellness practice.


The Evervine Way

A day in the life of an Everviner