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"What If We Made No Compromises?"

"Food business are (normally) full of compromises. But I wondered, what if we rejected that? No non-organic produce, no refined sugar, no dairy, no gluten, sure. But also: No plastic jars. No unlivable staff wages. No store-bought dressings. No shelf-stable almond milk, no carrageenan, no canola oil. No produce from big industrial suppliers (even if it's technically organic)."

—Sarah, Founder & CEO, Evervine


Delivered Weekly

The Market's Best, Every Week

The Evervine program is a fixed menu that changes weekly and is designed around the freshest, peak-of-season ingredients available at bay area farmers markets. Your program is delivered to your door each week, and you always know you're getting the very best. Our menu is entirely vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and free from refined sugar. If you have additional allergies, let us know when you subscribe, and we'll avoid those ingredients in your program.


Transform Your Life

No Dieting. This is a Lifestyle.

The Evervine program is grounded in nutrition science and designed to celebrate the naturally scrumptious flavors of nourishing plants, so that the foods most beneficial to you are also the ones you crave. Our signature herbal waters and green teas help you gently hydrate with powerful antioxidants and without the high sugar content of most juices and beverages. By becoming an Everviner, you can effortlessly nourish yourself with the highest-quality organic ingredients and powerful superfoods, flooding your body with digestion-supporting fiber, healthy-gut-bacteria-building greens, and youth promoting micronutrients.


Become an Everviner

Let Us Take Care Of You

Think of Evervine as your very own personal chef, who prepares the most delicious plant-based meals you've ever tasted, designs every single meal with your health and wellbeing in mind, and accommodates any food allergies you may have. Skip a week or cancel anytime, with a simple email or text. Questions? Reach out any time—we're here to help.

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